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Stay. Dine. Unwind like a Tokyo local 

THE AOYAMA GRAND HOTEL opened in 2020 in Gaienmae, Aoyama, a hub of fashion and culture.
Equipped with 4 restaurants and bars, our hotel, where various people who come and go from Tokyo gather, is a new landmark of Aoyama that stands on the site of the former Bell Commons, and offers a rich time.

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Restaurant staff actively recruiting

The number of people visiting Tokyo from both inside and outside Japan is rapidly increasing as the corona crisis has started to settle down. Along with that, THE AOYAMA GRAND HOTEL is also actively hiring staff in order to further enhance the restaurant system.
Would you like to join us in bringing the excitement and bustle of Tokyo to the people of Aoyama, the center of fashion and culture?
*For those who can speak English, we will increase their salary and hourly wage as a special allowance.


4 restaurants and bars

all day dining

A restaurant that has become an icon of the hotel. All-day dining packed with delicious food from all over the world. A lively space with a comfortable terrace and an open kitchen that can be used in various scenes from morning to bar time.

Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Tasty counter Japanese food made with seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy the fresh ingredients carefully selected to your heart's content.

Italian restaurant

The main dining Italian restaurant on the top floor of the hotel with an excellent view. We are particular about using seasonal ingredients that bring out the flavors of the seasons, bringing out the original flavor of the ingredients produced by the rich nature of the sea and mountains.

rooftop bar
"The Top."

Rooftop bar for adults with a panoramic view of the night view of Tokyo. You can spend a quality night time under the starry sky.


  • At your service,
    Make Tokyo the best time.

    service staff

    Our restaurant is committed to building, space, food, price, and everything for customer satisfaction, and we continue to refine it, and our affiliated stores have earned high ratings such as Michelin stars. At this restaurant where people from all over the world gather in search of "Tokyo", why not provide your customers with the best time with your service?

    Service Staff Recruitment Details

  • the best space and
    best environment.
    in your hands,
    the best dish.

    kitchen staff

    The kitchen of the Plan・Do・See group, which has been awarded a Michelin star. Based on the quality and know-how of 30 years of making the best kitchens, we will create the best restaurants and dishes. Not only is it rewarding, but it is also fulfilling to work. The operating company, Plan・Do・See, has been ranked in the top 5 for 10 consecutive years in the “Best Workplace Ranking” and has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    Kitchen Staff Recruitment Details


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